the 221st General Assembly

July 3 Updates

I caution readers against acting on misinformation – as this committee is not the General Assembly. It will only make recommendations which must then be approved by the plenary. So … none of this is final. But people should be made aware of Committee 15’s current “progress”. Yep … that’s what they call it.

First, Committee 15 has voted to recommend divestment (36 in favor, 8 opposed, 1 abstained).

Second, the committee has endorsed a boycott of all products made by Jews in the West Bank (37 in favor, 8 opposed).

At the moment Committee 15 is discussing whether or not to disavow the apartheid proposal.  Currently talk seems to lean toward the opinion that apartheid is too mild a term.

One sided hate speech abounds at this meeting.

UPDATE 2:  One has to wonder about any committee that calls Anna Baltzer as an expert witness.  Apparently Baltzer, the national organizer for the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, is representing the PC(USA)’s Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns (ACREC).

UPDATE 3:  Committee 15 had voted to disapprove the Israel = Apartheid overture.

UPDATE 4:  C 15 is now discussing the worst of all overtures.  In any sane discussion it would be laughed out of the room, met with the ridicule, scorn, and abhorrence it deserves.  Somehow I don’t think that will happen here

UPDATE 4.5:  It was disapproved by a vote of 26 to disapprove – 19 -3.


Comments on: "July 3 Updates" (5)

  1. Tim Marvil said:

    I heard a minority report may be fielded on the divestment overture? Any word? Has to come from some of the eight…. I hope someone steps up.


  2. I’m sure a minority report has been filed. I haven’t had a chance to review it yet.


  3. bud noff said:

    What a bunch of hateful, ignorant people!


  4. fizziks said:

    What was the worst of all overtures?


  5. The worst in the sense of being the most highly bigoted and inexcusable is the one that criticizes Israel alone out of all the world for violations of religious freedom. This is rather blatantly antisemitic in its rationales. The worst in terms of news value will be divestment. Divestment is the least, but the action signals that the church has joined the global bds movement with all that entails. Both bds people and Israelis clearly understand that the logic of bds is dismantling the existing state of Israel. Oh, their may be some state perhaps called Israel, with a Jewish minority that will have one and only one election. That’s the intent – though Presbyterians seem to wallow in (im)plausible deniability.


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