the 221st General Assembly

Consolation Prizes

The overture to boycott all products produced by Jews in the West Bank passed.

Of course, the effects of this will be minimal – relatively few Presbyterians are aware of or participate in denominational boycotts.


Comments on: "Consolation Prizes" (3)

  1. Hi Will –

    Did the GA pass any resolutions in support of Youcef Nardakhani? Any comment to Egypt on the treatment of Copts or Gamal Abdou Massoud? Just want to make sure they aren’t singling out Israel or anything.



  2. Jean, ex presbyterian said:

    My ex presbyterian church has never ever condemned Islamic terrorism, but Israel, that’s another matter. They despise Israel, preach hatred against Israel, malign the state of Israel, stereotype the Jewish people negatively, I could go on forever, pcusa and it’s churches are progressive social organizations NOT traditional churches. I don’t recognize the denomination anymore. It is a pitiful joke, if it had not hurt so many people and damaged so many believers.


  3. Jean, ex presbyterian said:

    I can personally attest to the fact that the majority of the ministers in the pcusa in the city of cincinnati, and I have attended many, are anti Semitic in belief and give hate filled sermons. The cincinnati presbytery is liberal, progressive, supports the anti Semitic positions of the pcusa of the general assembly. For a denomination that values open minded ness, it is odd that they single out the Jewish faith, Jewish beliefs and the state of Israel to attack. Why even bother. This is what perplexes me. I am sitting I the pews, minding my own business, and wham,,,,,another attacks on the Jewish faith. I live in a multi cultural upscale suburb and deplore ant I semitism. Especially presbyterian USA sponsored Presbyterianism. Lots of progressive corporate executive types wanting to make fun of traditional Christianity fill the pews. Also a bunch of college,professors. I would be hard pressed to find a Christian believer in the traditional sense . Good works doers yes. Believers, no way.


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