the 221st General Assembly

UPDATES (ongoing)

Plenary considering Middle East Committee issues now live-streamed here.

UPDATE:  Divestment is, for now, down – possibly for good for this GA.  GA voted to answer all divestment proposals with the positive investment action last night.  But new attempts are coming up every couple of minutes. 

UPDATE 2:  Moderator ruled continued proposals to divest out of order.

UPDATE 3:  Israel = Apartheid label rejected by the GA.

UPDATE 4:  Bigoted religious discrimination overture also shot down.

UPDATE 5:  Committee 15 business finally done.  I don’t look for anyone to reopen things at this point.  (GA 221 anyone?)

I SPOKE TOO SOON – Now someone is trying to get a relief of conscience item for divestment.  GA voted for it, but the Board of Pensions said it was impossible.

Comments on: "UPDATES (ongoing)" (2)

  1. Elizabeth Carlson said:

    Will, thank so much for all you are doing to keep us informed! You are doing the right thing and taking a lot of time and energy doing this. So much appreciated!


  2. Thanks for your consistent encouragement.


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