the 221st General Assembly


Per the PC(USA) GA docket, it looks like Committee 4 – Middle East Issues – will be considered by the full assembly on Friday afternoon.

This is the proposed docket only – so that time-frame is still tentative.

To see the business conducted in committees today visit here.

Comments on: "Friday" (1)

  1. Tim Marvil said:

    Interesting they docketed the Middle East AND Marriage on late Friday. I think it will be a LONG day.

    I am also intrigued by the ” social order” on Thursday morning – ”

    • Special Order: Council discussion of recommendations concerning Middle East and Marriage (90 minutes)

    This will be interesting to watch and listen too.

    I was in Comm 4 room all morning and early afternoon on Tuesday. I have to say I thought the vice moderators opening worship where she blatantly took a side was disturbing – as was what I viewed as a heavy concentration of “pro-divestment” resource people. But then again, I think the politics pre-GA of the removal of the moderator indicated this was the way it was going down. The moderator appeared to me to be completely out of his league.


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